Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Animal Hair Makeup Brushes with Vegan Brushes


Cosmetic brushes! The most important item in every female’s makeup pouch – no matter to which level of age, or career she belongs. From air hostess to model, a girl belonging to stardom glitterati, a student, or housewife. There is a hidden makeup expert in all of them.

The fact to chew upon is, no matter how expert you are in a good makeover, a flawless makeup can’t be attained without a right tool. A good and applicable makeup applicator either brush or sponge plays a big role in transforming one’s outer appearance.

When it comes to choosing the best makeup brush, then the important thing to consider is, from which material these makeup brushes are made of and the reputation of the cosmetic brushes suppliers , as it can harm the quality of work. Some brushes are made of animal hair, while some are made of natural hair bristles. It’s not necessary that one is dominant overall in terms of good results, each makeup brush whether made of animal hair, or other material depends on its specific purpose.

The new synthetic makeup brush brands have finally accepted its stake in the beauty industry today. The fact is, they’re going as good in their job as natural hair brushes until and unless it doesn’t have to do any harm with animals.

Let’s take animal hair brushes and vegan makeup brushes. Do you know why the latter one is better than the initial one? Few reasons have been mentioned below;

Cons of using Animal hair makeup brushes

  • Makeup brushes made from some wild animal’s hair are not eco-friendly
  • The makeup brushes made of animal bristles are not suitable for all skin types
  • There are few makeup brushes made of wild animal here are not safe for the environment
  • These brushes can also lead to severe skin issues

Now, let’s take a look towards the benefits of using a vegan makeup brush



Benefits To Use a Makeup Brush

Following are the few best reasons or benefits of using synthetic makeup brushes

  • No animals were harmed – The plus point of using synthetic makeup brush is, the making of these makeup brushes doesn’t involve any harm to animals and their skin. A big reason enough for all users to consider it, no matter for skin type they apply it.


  • Synthetic bristles have come a long way – The best quality synthetic makeup brushes are very soft and user-friendly because of their natural hair bristles, this marks the significant growth of technology.


In fact, the most expensive ones also cost less than the finest natural hair bristle brushes.


  • Hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin – Do you get sniffles, or watery eyes while using your current makeup brush, or is your skin allergic to animal hair? If yes, then vegan makeup brushes can only be the convenient solution for you! The synthetic brushes are less prone to catch bacteria.


The best tip to make synthetic brushes last longer; take a small amount of shampoo to clean the bristles, and lay flat to let them dry. They will last longer and will make your skin fresh


  • Easy to find – The vegan makeup brushes have become quite accessible, and easy to find everywhere. The awareness of using these brushes is gradually increasing each day.


You can even discover them with pink or purple handles (and even shaded fibers!) like the “Appeal” cosmetics brushes.


  • Vegan brushes are more affordable – Another thought-provoking reason to buy vegan makeup brush is, these brushes are more affordable than animal hair makeup brushes.

One can easily flex, bend, and use them at different types. Also, though you replace it more time after each makeup session, yet you’ll find these brushes.

Their economical price doesn’t make any compromise on their quality, these brushes retain their condition even after using them many times as per your need. If you know how to care for makeup brushes well, these brushes will certainly last longer.

  • Vegan brushes are made with the help of the latest technologies – Do you know that vegan makeup brushes are obtained using the latest technology, and this is the reason behind its finer bristles? One can easily expect vegan brushes to be smooth, firm, and less rough on the skin.


Moreover, vegan brushes can also be applied with precision, this can help user enhance their appearance, and build their confidence.


  • Vegan makeup brushes are much easier to clean

Any item or object which is convenient to use, and easy to clean at home becomes the dominating choice for its users. That’s what vegan brush is all about.  It’s not only effortless but quite effective as well.

How to wash vegan makeup brush? Cleaning vegan brushes never take more than five minutes after use. Take a bit of shampoo, rinse it well, and leave to dry.

This trick is easy to use for the daily purpose, it’s less prone to infection, and prevent excess from collecting as well.


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